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The Employer Branding College was founded in 2011 and has continued to pioneer employer brand leadership education ever since. With a purpose to build employer brand leadership capability in organizations around the world to create a better and fairer world of work, we are proud to be celebrating our 13th Year in 2024.


Thousands of leaders from more than 70 countries have participated in our individual and group training, events and  programs from organizations including Accenture, Mars, PwC, Coca-Cola, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Google, EY, Amazon, McDonalds, Facebook, H&M, Apple, Indeed, LinkedIn, BCG, Lidl and IHG Hotels. 

Our focus is on providing a best-in-class education experience that develops the skills, competencies, networks and experiences required to lead employer branding as a strategic business function, not limited to talent acquisition.

We strongly believe that what you promise to current and future employees and partners must be matched by the experience you provide and how they value their experience over the long term.

We enjoy strong links with academia and industry ,and in 2015 we founded World Employer Branding Day, the world's largest employer branding event that unites the world of employer branding "To advance industry practice by connecting leaders, agencies and ecosystems around the world."

At World Employer Branding Day 2023 more than 750 leaders from 50+ countries participated and engaged with 45 International Speakers and 40+ of the World's leading employer branding agencies and service providers.

Our blended programs offer leaders the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practical group assignment projects with other leaders from around the world and access to group coaching with industry experts and world leading practitioners.

With an active Alumni consisting of Business Owners, CEO's, Executives and Senior Managers from more than 70 countries, our Certification program is designed to be the global standard and is widely recognized and trusted by companies around the world. We look forward to hearing from you.

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