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Inês Silva

Senior Internal Communication Specialist, 

Euroconsumers Group

Level 1 Graduate

The Employer Brand Leadership certification course is a truly engaging journey. Throughout this course, I had access to amazing business cases, many useful tools and state-of-the-art knowledge about employer branding.


Above all, I had the opportunity to join a community led by Brett Minchington - an inspiring Employer brand influencer. As a mentor, Brett is always 5 steps ahead, constantly challenging his students not to settle with trendy concepts but to jump forward and explore what is yet to come. I am now aware, better prepared and very motivated for the Employer Branding challenges ahead.


Maribel García Benítez

Employer Branding Connector, Maribel Garben

Level 1 Graduate

Since I first heard about the reputation of the Employer Branding College Certificate, I had no doubt it was the one for me. I had been following Brett Minchington for a long time and I knew he was one of the world's top Employer Branding leaders.


The course is excellent, full of current and practical cases, which allow you to develop deep knowledge about Employer Branding, its applications and practices. Brett's coaching style is incredible, his support, his advice and all his recommendations. I highly recommend the course to all those interested in applying up-to-date strategies in the field of Employer Branding.


Susy Salinas Rios

HR Strategy, Grupo Capitel


​The Employer Brand Leadership Certification was a great experience for me! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to build a strong foundation on employer branding. The online education platform is very user-friendly. The way the course is structured allowed me to accommodate my learning time around my full-time job and get the most out of the experience. I loved the course content! It was relevant, recent and interactive. You get lecture slides, articles, reports, videos and more, of things that are currently happening in the industry. It was great to see different employer brand strategies applied by companies around the world who face similar challenges.


The skype sessions with Brett were really engaging, motivating and overall great conversation. I think the coaching aspect of this course was what I valued the most – and what really sets it apart from other learning experiences. It is also a great reinforcement for the course content.


Theo Menounos
MBA Career Development Advisor, UConn School of Business
Level 1 Graduate

As an HR professional, the term Employer Branding was not new to me. However, it was only after attending an international conference on the future of recruitment, with guest speakers from corporate heavyweights such as Adidas, Siemens and Lego, that I came to realize its organization wide strategic significance.

Having decided to learn more about the art and science of Employer Branding, I proceeded with my own research in an effort to identify the leading authorities on the subject. One name kept coming up. Brett Minchington. The fact that the Employer Branding College had already successfully launched a Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership led by Brett, made my decision to enrol an easy one.  Over the next 6 months, the course readings and assignments provided me with a thorough understanding of the key concepts of Employer Branding, but also with a methodology for transforming this knowledge into strategy and the strategy into actionable steps.

As a course leader, Brett inspired me with his passion and enthusiasm for the science of Employer Branding. He managed to intertwine his unquestionable expertise and vast experience with my own personal experiences as an HR professional, while encouraging me to generate and share my own thoughts on the subject.

Having recently completed the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership, I am in the position to highly recommend this course to anyone who understands the strategic significance of attracting, engaging and retaining talent, in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive workplace.


Suzanne Chadwick
Head of Employer Branding & Digital Innovation, Asia Pacific, Hudson Global
Level 1 Graduate


Continuing to develop my knowledge in the Employer Branding space is critical for me in my role as the Head of Employer Branding at Hudson RPO. The market is constantly changing and more and more businesses are focusing on building their employer brand in the market. When I saw the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership by Employer Brandin College I knew that this was going to be an opportunity to really dive in deep to some of key measures, practises and case studies around employer branding. 

The course was excellent.  It covered so much content and practical application of how employer branding projects work, what to focus on when discovering, articulating and engaging with businesses around understanding their message to market and engaging both the C-suite and employees to get the best results. Brett’s 1-1 monthly skype sessions to go through content and ask questions was invaluable.  It meant that I could get the answers I needed and discuss the course information in a way that was right for me.


For anyone looking to develop their knowledge in Employer Branding, I would highly recommend this course. It teaches the key element of branding, what needs to be delivered and what tasks and project outcomes are required to get this right for a business. The article readings, case studies and Brett’s books are fantastic and I’ve continue to use them on an ongoing basis. 


April Jackson

Corporate Continuous Improvement, Black & McDonald Limited

Level 1 Graduate


It is interesting how we stumble upon the relationships and cross-sections in our careers that can be ‘game changing’, my professional game changing moment happened while I had the pleasure of working with a Canadian consulting group who spoke highly of Brett Minchington and his work.  Admittedly, I had limited understanding around the concepts of EVP and Employer Brand Leadership but what I did know was the theory behind it lit a professional fire within me that led to the Employer Branding College.  After what felt like a professional journey of a lifetime, four months later I graduated with a Level 1 Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership!  

The structure, content and leadership of the Level 1 Certificate program is outstanding beginning with the customer service experience.  Andrea Fielding, Global Programs Director took the time and patience to ensure that I received all the necessary information required to commence the program in a timely manner despite the challenge of our time zones!  The course content is exceptional providing current and relevant resources readily accessible, a key selling feature of this program in my opinion.


However, the real selling feature of the program is the incredible 1:1 coaching, mentorship and feedback that you receive with Brett himself, outstanding!  


Employer Brand Leadership is a rapidly evolving business matter, one that will see significant changes to the way in which we do business and if you’re looking for a program to push you outside your limits, challenge yourself and put you ahead of the curve I would highly recommend the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership. 


Miroslava Cehelska
Employer Brand Manager, IBM

Level 1 Graduate


I absolutely enjoyed the course!

I started my role as an Employer Branding Manager at IBM a year ago and after reading “Employer branding & the new world@work,” by Brett Minchington, I jumped at the opportunity to study and be coached by him for my Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership qualification.

I was able to adjust my work schedule to fit in the 1-1 monthly coaching sessions and to study the course work. I enjoyed the opportunity to work on part of my assignment with a senior leader from another country, the insights I learnt through this process were invaluable. I was also fortunate to meet Brett in person when he was in my country. He coaches leaders all over the world and makes a point to connect in person when he is in the regions.

This was an excellent. I loved how this course is structured. You have access to a wealth of materials, case studies, articles and it is not only about studying.  Brett makes it really motivating, personal and fun! He forces you to think strategically, to analyze, establish KPIs, think out of the box, be creative and work hard to develop your skills and experience as a future Employer Brand Leader. Brett is very knowledgeable and is able to help you find the solution to your local employer branding issues.

I recommend this this course to anybody who is passionate about the employer branding discipline and wants to gain a strong competency in the field. I feel empowered after graduation and look forward to applying this knowledge in my current and future work.


Sophie Heaton
Employer Brand Manager

"With a background in marketing for the recruitment industry I regularly came across the topic of employer branding and knew it was something I wanted to learn more about. I was originally looking for a UK based course however it quickly became apparent that Brett Minchington was a great authority on the subject, so when I saw the availability of the Level 1 course which included 1-1 coaching and mentoring from Brett I jumped at the opportunity! The course completely exceeded my expectations, and the content itself has given me a fantastic overview of the market.


The resource library is really useful – with everything from employer branding trends to case studies from global brands, and you also have access to online lectures which are great for digesting the theory and course content.

The best part of my experience however was working directly with Brett - the support and advice I received really helped me shape my coursework and understanding of the subject.

I could not recommend this course enough!"


Jochen de Jager
Head of Talent Identification & Sourcing
de JAGER Executive Search


I have found the course to be very rewarding and have really enjoyed the content and the assignments along the way. It has given me a good insight into the foundations that underpin Employer Branding and I can see how organisations who whole heartily embrace it, can achieve a competitive advantage.


Well done Brett on an excellent course, I would highly recommend it to anyone considering it!!


Roy Sánchez

HR Director, Millward Brown

Level 1 Graduate


If the person responsible for a brand must have an obsession to establish the most possible profitable relationship with his consumers or clients, why then shouldn’t the person in charge of the employer brand have the same mission towards their internal clients? 

Should the HR leader be the responsible for this? Why not marketing? Or communication? Perhaps each area director? Or anyone within the business? Ok, and then what? How should we provide consistency and coherence to all these?

Well, guided by these questions and as consequence of a professional transition from the commercial area to HR, I started to search for a course where I could gain more clarity on employer branding and acquire new points of view and knowledge. A strategic framework, a methodology, a consulting base, and an expert with whom I could talk these matters with and others related to brands.


My search lead me to Employer Branding College and a course led by Brett Minchington, a global authority on employer branding. It’s not enough to have the knowledge and information. Knowing how to challenge students, keep them engaged and share with them new ideas in a simple and updated manner, was all part of a great experience. It is worth highlighting the mix of methods and materials provided by the College during the course including lecture video lessons, great readings available online and well organized one to one Skype sessions, the assignments (really challenging!) and the books authored by Brett.


All this plus Brett’s personal guidance made the five months devoted to this certification worthwhile. I highly recommend this certification to anyone interested in developing a comprehensive vision of employer branding, it will be definitively be a great investment.


Michelle Lynch
Talent Acquisition Specialist, University of Southern Queensland
Level 1 Graduate

As a talent acquisition professional with a keen interest in how organisations position themselves to attract, engage and retain quality talent in an ever-changing market, undertaking the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership course was one of the most valuable, rewarding and enjoyable professional development opportunities I have experienced. 

Having recently been engaged in a role concerned with employee attraction and recruitment, I was familiar with the concept of employer branding and its strategic value that it can add to organisations. Eager to learn more, upon researching the topic further I soon became aware of Brett’s intimate knowledge on the matter and was delighted when I discovered the course offered through Employer Branding College. 

Not only did this course afford me the opportunity to formalise many of my previous learnings on the topic, it also provided me with significant new insights, tools and techniques on how to apply the employer branding concept as a ‘whole of business’ strategy.  One of the things I loved most about the course was the relevance of the content.  In addition to the theoretical learning, I was able to see the theory ‘in action’ through the many case studies and best practice employer branding examples provided.  The additional resources were excellent source of information – many of which I continue to access and refer to on a regular basis.

Furthermore, Brett’s delivery of the content and the support offered throughout the course was second-to-none.  His breadth of knowledge, experience and passion for the topic is inspiring and he has continued to be a mentor for me on the topic beyond the course.  I can honestly say that since completing the certificate, my knowledge of the art and science of employer branding has expanded significantly.  I would highly recommend it to anyone considering furthering their studies in the area.


Gabrielle Madison

Director of Community and Scholar Relations, Thomson Reuters

Level 1 Graduate


I really enjoyed the program, and how it got me back in the mindset of being a “learner” again. I hope to keep that up and continue to progress in this arena. Keep up the great work, and I will be sure to spread this around!


Lynne Cawley
Group Executive, Operations & HR at Canstar Pty Limited
Level 1 Graduate

As the Group Executive, Operations & HR, I was tasked with developing Canstar’s Employer Brand.

Employer branding was not an area that I was familiar with and in order to achieve this goal, I thought it best to build my knowledge in this area.  

In my research I found the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership by Employer Branding College.  I did my research on the course and through the reviews and testimonials that the course had received , I decided that this is exactly what I was looking for.  I found the course excellent and really enjoyed the format with the one on one Skype sessions.  Brett was very engaging and challenged me to develop my knowledge in the employer brand area.  His experience come through in the course materials and in the monthly sessions.  

Andrea as Global Programs Director was also very helpful with whatever I needed.  The course was challenging and made me realise that building an Employer Brand is not something that can be done overnight and also is not something that can be done and forgotten about.  The course has fuelled my passion in this area and whilst I have completed the certificate I will be looking to further not only my knowledge in the Employer Brand area but also Canstar’s Employer Brand.

I would recommend this course to anyone who would like solid foundational knowledge on how to build and develop a company’s employer brand. 


Amandeep Kaur
Employer Branding Lead, Sapient
Level 1 Graduate


As an HR professional who started the corporate career in Employer Branding, the art of it comes naturally to me.

However I was always keen to learn the science of it and when I got to know about the Certificate in Employer Branding leadership course, I knew my calling was answered.

The fact that Brett Minchington was spearheading the course added another dimension to it for I had grown up reading his books on employer brand management.

This course is very comprehensive – it not only equips you with tools and techniques but also gives you a world view of how Employer Branding is impacting the talent market across the world. Brett is on top of trends, is a great teacher and very accessible.

The course is structured, the assignments are thought-provoking and the delivery across skype and the content in the cloud is seamless. Our interactions have continued beyond the course and Brett continues to be an inspiration and a great mentor in Employer Branding.


Cassandra Westerman
Marketing Manager, NeuroPhysics Functional Movement Centre
Level 1 Graduate


There is only one word to describe the learning experience provided by Employer Brand International’s Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership: inspirational! Let me tell you why.

Firstly, the course is backed by excellent resources: reference textbooks, articles, studies, white papers, rich media and the comprehensive research conducted by EBI gives solid grounding to the subject matter being taught. These resources cover everything from the emergence of the social enterprise to key employer branding metrics.

Secondly, the course has a global perspective that pushes the boundaries of learning. Students are required to grasp economic, geopolitical, cultural and technological factors shaping the world of work in both developed and emerging economies. Through the lectures and tutorials students are able to reshape these concepts for a local perspective, and discuss the implications for the future of employer branding.

Thirdly, course leader Brett Minchington’s expertise, insights, dynamic delivery and ability to unpack complex concepts and reframe for the benefit of student’s learning, is a highlight of the course. What a role model of the employer brand thought leader!

However for me, the most exciting aspect of completing the program is the opportunity, as an employer brand professional, to contribute to increasing the collective leadership capability in employer branding. I believe that employer branding has the ability to transform companies because at its heart is making workplaces great for people. 


Eric Clemons, PHR
Employer Brand Manager, U.S. Cellular 
Level 1 Graduate


An employer brand leadership qualification should be considered by professionals who desire to develop in the field of Employer Branding.  As an Employer Branding Manager, I was eager to learn more about the Employer Branding College’s Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership.

The material presented through this certification was both practical and adaptable. I was able to apply what I learned through the course to my role immediately. The multifaceted training approach which included 1 on 1 skype sessions, reading materials and assignments enhanced this dynamic growth opportunity. 

All of this, coupled with the on-line resources was a perfect balance of knowledge and practical application.

Additionally, the flexible program format provided me with a convenient learning experience as a busy working professional.


Janine Claux Ferrand
Employer Brand Manager, Laborum
Level 1 Graduate


Since I first discovered the concept of Employer Branding and the great impact that a good strategy can have on the results of an organization, I have been deeply interested and passionate to know more about the subject.

On my research to learn more, given the little development that the concept still had in Peru, I met Brett, an expert and global leader in employer branding. His great willingness to answer each of my queries, as well as his desire to develop the concept globally, encouraged me to take the Employer Brand Leadership Certificate Program with him, and there´s no doubt it was a great decision.

This program has enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the employer brand concept as well as the main benefits of having an employer branding strategy. But above all, the course has provided me with the main tools to develop and implement a successful employer branding strategy inside an organization. The one-to-one sessions with Brett have been a great opportunity to learn and develop my capabilities to become a strong employer branding leader.  I am really satisfied and grateful for all the knowledge gained through the program, and really excited to be able to contribute to the growth and development of the concept in Peru. 

Today, I am convinced that the world at work has changed and with it so has the focus of companies towards people management at a strategic level across the organization. Employer Branding is, definitely an increasingly worldwide trend. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in developing their employer branding capabilities or looking to advance their career.


Lisa Morris

Principal, People and Change Practice Leader, The North Highland Company

Level 1 Graduate


I recently graduated with a certificate in Employer Brand Leadership. What an amazing experience!  The content is comprehensive, the case studies are great tests in application, and the global educator Brett Minchington is inspiring.  


Worth every invested dollar...without a doubt!


Macharia Gatumia
People Brand Developer, engage PEOPLE BRAND

Level 1 Graduate


I am particularly grateful to the Employer Branding College for the Invaluable support in ensuring I gained my Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership. Equally, I am so excited that this Certification is a milestone for me as the first ever graduate in the East African region.

My deep appreciation to my mentor and friend Brett Minchington. You made my learning experience (via my personalised e-learning platform) so easy and impactful. The many sessions we have shared explaining my points of view have helped appreciate the immense significance of the employer branding globally.

As the employer branding concept gains traction in our region, I feel privileged to be in a position to make a significant input in developing the employer branding competence for the benefit of many progressive employers. 

The convergence of HR and Marketing giving rise to employer branding has given me a rare opportunity to optimally utilize my wide skills-base. I would wish to continually enhance my employer branding competence as I desire to be a destination reference in matters relating to employer branding in East Africa and (hopefully) in Africa. 


Sara Coles
General Manager, Nicknack
Level 1 Graduate


When I read that Employer Branding College were launching a certificate of Employer Brand Leadership I jumped at the chance to enroll. I had followed Brett Minchington’s articles, presentations and read his book many times over due to my growing interest in employer branding and improving the world of work.

I was fascinated by the opportunities that became apparent and the combination of my two passions, marketing and human resources. Brett’s genuine and sincere interest in people is evident along with his vast knowledge of differing economies and cultures across the world. His down to earth manner ensures that the student benefits from his knowledge and expertise and also, importantly, ensures the student has the opportunity to develop their own theories and apply individual thinking to the thought provoking assignments that are given through the course.

I highly recommend this certificate to anyone who is aware of the crucial and rapidly growing need to address many of the issues that employer branding aims to solve; anyone whose job is to manage, and influence those in the workplace and ultimately improve the world of work.


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