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Employer branding is not a HR function, nor a Marketing or Communications function. Employer branding is a BUSINESS FUNCTION!

Brett Minchington (2015)


Head of College

Brett Minchington is the world's most published author and educator in employer branding and has published 10 books since 2006:

  • "The Business of Employer Branding" (2022)

  • "Employer Brand Experience" (2019)

  • "Employer Brand Excellence - A Case Study Approach" (V2021, IV2019, VIII2018, VII2017 & VI2016)

  • "Employer branding and the new world@work" (2013)

  • "Employer Brand Leadership – A Global Perspective" (2010)

  • "Your Employer Brand attract-engage-retain" (2006)

His recent book, "Employer Brand Excellence - A Case Study Approach Volume V" highlights 20 next practice case studies from companies such as Mars, Red Bull, Unilever, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Thales, Western Union and UiPath. It is the fifth edition in a series of more than 120 employer branding case studies from around the world, the longest running employer branding publication.

In 2006 Brett commenced his Employer Branding Global Tour and what started out as a 1 year plan turned into 14 years travelling around the world delivering workshops, masterclass, Summits and keynote addresses to 1000's of senior managers in more than 60 cities in 40 countries, travelling more than 2 million air kilometres along the way!

Since 2006, Brett has been a highly sought after keynote speaker on global trends in employer branding at corporate and national events including the Randstad Awards in Canada, Australia, Singapore and Sweden, The International Employer Branding and Engagement Summit (Russia), 9th Human Capital Expo (Chile), Employer Brand Experience Summit (Netherlands), Government HR Leadership Conference (Australia), RCSA International Conference (Australia), Employer Branding International Conference (India), Employer Branding & Engagement Forum (Ukraine), Human Sense Summit (Lithuania) and many more.

Pioneering employer branding research and practice in countries such as Italy, Chile, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, South Africa, Ukraine, Philippines and Uzbekistan, Brett has also launched and chaired Employer Branding Summits in 13 countries.


Brett has experience consulting to global and national employer brand strategy projects for companies such as Mars, Accenture, Siemens, Aon Hewitt, Amdocs, PwC, Origin, SIBUR, World Vision and  Elsevier has also advised leading agencies in building a strategic employer brand consulting business to world class standards.


Brett's work has been published around the world in publications such as The Economist, Business Week and ERE's Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership and he has appeared on CNN and Bloomberg TV.

In 2016 Brett launched World Employer Branding Day, an annual event that brings together the world's leading employer brands and the agencies they collaborate with. The 2016 event was held in Prague, then Budapest in 2017, Prague in 2018 and in 2019, 785 leaders from 48 countries came together for 3 days of learning, networking and cultural experiences in Lisbon. Due to COVID-19 the 5th edition was held virtually with more than 1200 leaders from 59 countries learning from 100 speakers sharing best practice across 2 days.

Lecturing in the MBA program on employer branding at the University of Adelaide and chairing the Human Resource Management Committee at University of South Australia keeps Brett in close ties with academia. He has also designed and published 6 employer branding global research studies.

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