Employer Branding College graduates in companies around the world are at the forefront of driving positive workplace experiences through a strategic focus on employer branding. Our graduates have developed the knowledge, skills and competencies to undertake the following:
  • Develop a strategic approach to employer branding across the full employee lifecycle.
  • Understand the key trends driving the future of work.
  • Present the business case and engage senior leadership to invest in employer branding.
  • Conduct an employer brand strategic audit.
  • Assess talent market trends and adapt your strategy.
  • Develop and implement a content strategy across social media to attract talent.
  • Implement engagement and retention programs that will increase internal engagement.
  • Develop and conduct internal and external research to assess and build a best practice employer brand.
  • Learn how to assess ROI and business impact of your strategy.
  • Have developed a system for ongoing learning and development in employer branding to ensure you stay on top of latest trends and industry developments.
  • Have developed a global network of employer brand industry professionals to support you in your ongoing employer branding work.


You will join our Global Alumni of leaders from more than 57 countries on Day 1.
Our Alumni come from a range of industries, company sizes and experiences including:
  • General Manager Human Resources
  • Global Employer Brand Manager
  • Manager, Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing
  • Employer Brand Manager
  • Employer Value Proposition Manager
  • People & Culture Advisor
  • CEO
  • Senior Human Resources Manager
  • Attraction and Employability Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Officer
  • Managing Director
  • General Manager, Employer Branding Agency
  • Talent Management Coordinator
  • HR & Employee Relations Specialist
  • Employer Brand and Social Media Manager
  • HR Process Manager
  • Employer Brand Marketing Consultant
  • Consulting Principal
  • Talent Management Consultant
  • Head of Talent Sourcing
  • Head of Research
  • Project & Operations Manager
  • Group Executive, Operations & HR
  • HR Director
  • Director, Brand agency 
  • HR Specialist (Recruitment)
  • Recruitment Program Specialist
  • Senior Manager Transformation & Culture Change

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