We understand that choosing a trusted provider for your Employer Brand Leadership education is a very important decision. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we've received over the past 10 years. 


Is the course accredited?

Yes. The Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership (including the 'accelerate' course) has been accredited in Australia under the Diploma in Diploma of Business (BSB50207) and Certificate IV in Business (BSB40212) qualifications which are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).The AQF defines Australian qualifications, providing a single framework for all qualifications from Senior Secondary Certification to PhD. An AQF qualification is recognised all around Australia and by other countries. For further details about the AQF please visit http://www.ivet.com.au/a/56.html This accreditation provides a pathway for graduates to continue their studies such as completing an MBA, a business degree, diploma or certificate.

How is this course different to other courses in the market?

Our flagship program, the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership is the world's first globally recognized Qualification and Certification in Employer Brand Leadership. The program is delivered in an individual or 'accelerate' group course mode.

At Employer Branding College, established in 2011 following six years of research, practice and industry consultation, we have continued to evolve our courses to ensure they are aligned with world's best practice standards.

We maintain close ties with academia to learn from and advise Universities on how employer branding is evolving in industry practice. Our CEO is the Chairman of the Human Resource Advisory Committee at one of Australia's leading Universities.

We are the proud Education Partner and organizer of World Employer Branding Day, an annual event that brings together leaders from around the world to share and learn from global best practice.

We prefer to let our students speak about their study experience rather than rely on agressive marketing techniques or unfulfilled promises to promote our courses. As a result, we have organically developed and Certified professionals who are leading the new era of employer brand leadership in more than 40 countries. We set high standards for our courses to ensure our graduates leading employer branding in their companies are amongst the world's best.

In many countries, our graduates have become the first leaders in their country to receive an Employer Brand Leadership Certification and have gone onto pioneer employer brand leadership in their home country.

No other employer branding course offers the level of attention and support to their students that we do. We have appointed a student concierge to ensure all student enquiries are responded to fast on any day of the week.

A unique and unrivalled feature of our Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership is the 1-1 coaching and mentoring students receive as they progress through their studies. This allows leaders to connect theory to practice and ensure they are in the best position to adapt to market trends.

Our assessment processes are rigorous to ensure our graduates are competent to develop and lead an employer brand strategy inside their company and that they have access to the tools, resources, strategies and templates to support them.

Our courses are designed around the leader to ensure they are engaging, relevant and challenge their thinking. We continuously seek feedback to ensure we evolve our course content so graduates can immediately apply their learnings in the workplace.

What are the graduate competencies?

Leaders will graduate with the following competencies:

  • Develop a strategic approach to employer branding across the full employment lifecycle
  • Engage C-suite leadership in the business value of employer branding
  • Conduct an employer brand strategic audit and determine your key focus areas and investment priorities
  • Rethink organizational work flows to optimize employee experience across all levels
  • Assess the full employment experience to understand the Employer Brand Moments of Truth (EBMOTs) that drive talent attraction, engagement and retention
  • Develop an Employer Brand Architecture that makes traditional EVP thinking obsolete
  • Activate an employer brand strategy that is adaptable to the local market and workforce trends
  • Develop targeted communication plans to support internal and external employer brand activation
  • Learn how to assess the ROI and business impact of your strategy
  • Develop a system for ongoing learning to track and adapt to industry trends
  • Develop and engage with an exclusive global Alumni network of Certified Employer Brand professionals from more than 70 countries.

What is the return on investment (ROI) of participating in the course?

Depending on company size and project scope (i.e. national v global) the cost of developing an employer brand strategy can range from US$20,000 to more than US$150,000 and that's just for the strategic auditing and management reporting piece! Design, communication, implementation and measurement initiatives can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

At the completion of the course you will have learnt the skills to be able to conduct your own strategic audit and employer brand strategy. Furthermore you will learn how to ask the right questions to your employer branding vendors and suppliers, likely saving you many thousands of dollars more.

You will join the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership Alumni at the beginning of the course which will allow you to connect with leaders from more than 40 countries to share with and learn from, likely saving you many thousands of dollars more.

The actual cost of the course is minimal when compared to the savings you will make on your existing program and future savings from having an employer brand strategy developed aligned with world's best practice guidelines.

How much time will I need to commit to my studies?

We recognise that each leader is unique and as such, their learning and study styles will be different. We recommend students allocate 4-6 hours per week to complete the course resources (readings, masterclass videos, etc) and have designed the course structure accordingly.

Students also have unlimited access to the Employer Branding College Online Resource Centre which is the world's largest employer branding library. This allows students who wish to extend their learning to allocate more time to their studies if they wish.

What is the industry demand for skills and experience in employer brand leadership?

Many of the world's leading companies such as Google, Coca-Cola EY, Facebook, Ferrero, Google, IKEA, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, LinkedIn, Marriott, Mars, Nike and P&G now employ employer brand leaders to manage their employer branding function. Whilst we know from our global research and from practice, employer branding is too often left to an already overstretched HR or Marketing department, if trends continue, it is likely that the role of the employer brand leader will continue to increase in demand in the coming years. This course is the world's most comprehensive, internationally focused employer brand leadership course and will provide graduates with the qualifications to become competent and highly skilled employer brand leaders.

Who will I be studying with?

Our students come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds including Global and National Employer Brand Managers, CHRO's, GM HR, Agency Account Directors, HR Managers, Marketing Managers, Business Owners, Employer Branding Consultants. We teach employer branding as a business function and it is reflective in the broad range of functions that are attracted to our courses.

Leaders from more than 60 countries have participated in our courses and leaders are introduced to the Global Alumni at the commencement of their studies. We also host an annual face-face meet up each year for the Alumni to come together in person.

How will this course help me to develop a global network?

At the commencement of your course you will be invited to join the Employer Branding College Alumni of leaders from more than 60 countries. These connections will become more valuable to you over time as you progress through your course and upon completion as you continue to build your capabilities.

We will advise you on the best networks to join to foster your global network to achieve the best outcomes for you.

We will also facilitate introductions to key employer brand industry leaders around the world during the course if required.

We invite the Alumni to come together in person on an annual basis at World Employer Branding Day.

Can I pay my course fees in instalment payments?

Yes, please contact Andrea at andrea@employerbrandinternational.com if you would like to discuss a part payment schedule.