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Graduate with the industry leading qualification Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership

The Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership  is the world's first globally recognized qualification and accreditation for Employer Brand Leadership. With 100's of graduates from more than 70 countries from companies such as Mercedes Benz, Accenture, British Embassy, IBM, Indeed, AXA, McDonalds, BHP, LinkedIn, Airtel, Repsol, Gazprom Neft, Indeed, NZ Post, Scotiabank, EY, Toyota and IHG Hotels.


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  • 6 Core Modules
  • 6 Bonus Modules
  • 1-1 expert coaching & mentoring
  • personalized e-learning 
  • 6 masterclass videos
  • access to World Employer Branding Day presentations
  • study concierge
  • unlimited messaging & chat
  • 5 books
  • 100+ case studies
  • 600+ publications
  • 2 years access employer branding online library
  • online assessments
  • practical workplace assignment
  • certification & digital badge
  • exclusive global alumni
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Upon graduation you will have achieved the following competencies to:
  • Develop a strategic approach to employer branding across the full employment lifecycle

  • Engage C-suite leadership in the business value of employer branding

  • Conduct an employer brand strategic audit and determine your key focus areas and investment priorities

  • Rethink organizational work flows to optimize employee experience across all levels

  • Assess the full employment experience to understand the Employer Brand Moments of Truth (EBMOTs) that drive talent attraction, engagement and retention

  • Develop an Employer Brand Architecture that makes traditional EVP thinking obsolete

  • Activate an employer brand strategy that is adaptable to the local market and workforce trends

  • Develop targeted communication plans to support internal and external employer brand activation

  • Learn how to assess the ROI and business impact of your strategy

  • Develop a system for ongoing learning to track and adapt to industry trends

  • Develop and engage with an exclusive global Alumni network of Certified Employer Brand professionals from more than 70 countries.


Practical case study approach with access to
100+ real case studies

Module 1

The Fundamentals of Employer Branding 

This module will explore the history, fundamentals and core strategic concepts of employer branding. 

Key Focus Areas

  • An overview of the global market for employer branding-the size, scope and key regional differences

  • The key trends and learnings from World Employer Branding Day 2020

  • The key agencies and vendors in the employer branding global industry and how to get the best out of partnering with them

  • Latest global research findings in employer branding

  • Assessing how changes in the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal environments will impact your employer brand strategy

  • The roles and responsibilities of the employer brand leader

  • Establishing a self-directed learning system for tracking employer branding trends and best practice.

Module 2

Employer Brand Strategic Management 

This module will explore the key employer brand strategic management principles and practices.

Key Focus Areas

  • ​Defining the scope of your employer brand plan using the Employer Brand Ecosystem Model

  • Conducting an employer branding strategic audit using proven frameworks, methodology and strategies

  • Conducting internal and external employer brand research to assist in employer brand and EVP strategy development

  • Organization redesign & work flows to support employer branding as a strategic business function

  • Localizing your employer brand strategy to optimize relevancy

  • Applying best practice - Adapting and implementing the Employer Brand Excellence Framework and Employer Brand Roadmap

  • Developing your Employer Brand Architecture.

Module 3

Employer Brand Analytics

& Reporting

This module will explore employer brand analytics and reporting methods.

Key Focus Areas

  • ​Developing key employer brand metrics for your strategy

  • Defining the scope of your metrics and aligning them to organizational objectives

  • Defining your employer brand key performance indicators

  • Measuring the ROI of your employer brand strategy

  • Engaging leaders through analytics and reporting

  • Developing an employer brand metrics dashboard.

Module 4

Contemporary Practices in Employer Brand Communications &

Social Media

This module will explore the impact of employer brand communications and social media in employer branding.

Key Focus Areas

  • Developing and activating your employer brand  communications plan

  • Online and offline activation of your employer brand and EVP

  • The latest global research in social media

  • Conducting a social media audit

  • Developing a social media policy

  • Developing an employer brand ambassadors program

  • The social media global landscape-the key platforms and where to focus your efforts

  • Leveraging social media in employer branding-how to optimize reach and achieve business impact

  • Aligning the social media strategy with your employer branding objectives

  • Building an online community-paid versus organic growth.

Module 5

Employee and Customer Experience

This module will explore the relationship between employee and customer experience in building a world class employer brand.

Key Focus Areas

  • Aligning the candidate and employee experience with your brand positioning and values

  • The link between customer and employee engagement

  • Contemporary practices in developing a signature brand experience

  • Understanding the relationship between employee-customer-shareholder value

  • Aligning your employer brand and consumer brand strategies

  • Segmenting your employee population to optimize the employee experience

  • Activating your employer value proposition (EVP) across the employee lifecycle

Module 6

Future Trends

in Employer Branding

This module will explore future trends in employer branding and how  companies should plan to adapt over the next 3-5 years.

Key Focus Areas

  • What does the 'Future of Work' look like?

  • Key technological and social trends driving the future of employer branding

  • The customization and personalization of the employee experience

  • The future of the employee and candidate experience

  • Developing a plan and forecast for your employer brand strategy.



Bonus Elective 1

Employer Brand Leadership Principles & Practices (EBLPP)

Bonus Elective 2

Employer Branding Mapping & Competitor Analysis (EBLCA)

Bonus Elective 3

Employer Branding & Social Responsibility (EBLSR)

​Bonus Elective 4

Leading through COVID-19 (EBCOVID)

Bonus Elective 5

Mental Health & Well-being (EBCHW)

Bonus Elective 6

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Employer Branding (EBDEI)


Why leaders choose to Certify with us



Expert 1-1 coaching and mentoring with some of the world's top employer brand strategists during your studies will ensure you develop the confidence and capabilities required to lead an employer brand strategy at a senior level. Our coaches ensure high quality outcomes for graduates


With access to the world's largest employer branding library of more than 600 books, case studies, published articles, whitepapers and research reports you will be studying the latest workforce trends and learning the latest best practices and case studies


With an Alumni consisting of Business Owners, CEO's, Executives and Senior Managers from more than 70 countries, our Certification is the global standard and widely recognized and trusted by companies around the world. 

Personalised 1-1 coaching & mentoring support with a global authority in employer branding in 2021

Our flagship Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership course offers personalised 1-1 coaching and mentoring with the world's most published author and educator in employer branding, Brett Minchington. It's a key reason why senior leaders choose to certify with the Employer Branding College.
Brett has trained 1000's of leaders in more than 70 countries and coached and mentored business owners, general managers, heads of departments and senior managers who are now driving employer branding best practice in their business around the world.
His work has appeared in major media including CNN, Bloomberg, The Economist and Forbes.

Our graduates are our best ambassadors

The world's highest regarded employer branding qualification

"The course was excellent.  It covered so much content and practical application of how employer branding projects work, what to focus on when discovering, articulating and engaging with businesses around understanding their message to market and engaging both the C-suite and employees to get the best results."

"The course readings and assignments provided me with a thorough understanding of the key strategic and tactical concepts of employer branding and a methodology for transforming this knowledge into strategy and the strategy into actionable steps.

The seemless e-learning platform

is outstanding. 

This program is world class!"

"I have graduated from the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership. What an amazing experience!  The content is comprehensive, the case studies are great tests in application, and the global educator Brett Minchington is inspiring.  Worth every invested dollar...without a doubt."


The industry's #1 program for senior leaders



The world's first and most highly regarded employer branding qualification, certifying you are a competent Employer Brand Leader to world's best practice standards.


You will learn proven methodology, frameworks, strategies and tools to develop, implement, measure and manage an employer brand strategy to world's best practice standards.


You will enjoy 24/7/365 unlimited access to your personalised e-learning portal on any device, any time. Monthly 1-1 expert coaching and mentoring support and unlimited online contact with your course leader during your course will keep you engaged, motivated and inspired.

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You have 2 years unlimited access to the world’s largest online employer branding library of more than 600 books, videos, case studies, articles, whitepapers, handbooks and global research reports to learn a deep understanding of the global and local trends impacting on the world at work and strategies to adapt to these changes.


Ongoing support as a member of an exclusive Alumni of leaders from more than 70 countries. You become a member on Day 1 of your course to allow you to begin building your global network immediately.


All courses are designed with practical, 'real world' outcomes in mind. You not only benefit from the tried and tested tools, but also practical case studies and cutting-edge research. You will receive more than 100 case studies from which to draw knowledge, inspiration and insights to apply to your own strategy.


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