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The Teaching Centre model was developed so that leaders around the world could earn a recognized Employer Brand Leadership Certification that is accessible, afforable and attainable.


Teaching Centres are organisations approved to offer Employer Branding College Certifications.


All courses are quality controlled by Employer Brand International, ensuring that the final qualification delivered to the student is equal to the global standards established for the courses.


These quality standards include Employer Brand International:


  • Conducting a yearly quality audit by a qualified academic;

  • Vetting application forms to ensure applicants satisfy the criteria;

  • Vetting proposed facilitators and coaches;

  • Vetting proposed assessment personnel;

  • Setting all assignment questions and marking major assignment papers;

  • Issuing final parchments and transcripts upon successful completion of the course requirements.


Why become a teaching centre


The Employer Branding College offers courses recognised as the Global Standard for Employer Brand Leadership and Accreditation.


Employer Brand International’s Lerel 1 course is accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This is an internationally recognised framework, unlike other frameworks which are only recognised in certain regions.


Maximise your returns


Instead of referring students to another institution for Employer Brand Leadership accreditation, you can offer Employer Branding College accreditations as an in-house alternative and therefore retain more students.


The blended learning model provides an efficient and effective course delivery method.


Provide maximum choice for your students


Courses offered through Employer Branding College allow students to pick specialisation areas and focus on their chosen field of interest. Our courses are industry relevant with unique assessments and exit points.


Flexible course duration


You can choose to deliver courses from their recommended course duration up to 12 months. This will help you offer courses that best suit the needs of your students.


High support levels


Teaching Centres receive full support from Employer Branding College, including marketing and promotions, administrative and operational support, and academic guidance.


Regionalised pricing


Employer Branding College offers fixed regional pricing for course and associated fees which vary based on the location of the centre. This makes qualifications affordable and accessible in all regions of the world.


High quality academic resources


Employer Branding College provides free access to an extensive online library for all of its students which includes more than 400 publications including books, e-books, articles, whitepapers and academic texts.


In order to become a Teaching Centre, applicants must meet specific criteria and complete an application process.


To register your interest in becoming a regional teaching centre please enquire below.

Contact us today to learn how to become an Employer Branding College Regional Teaching Centre.

Thank you for your enquiry. Andrea will contact you wihtin the next 24 hrs.

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