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Employer Brand Leaders of the Year 2023 announced

L-R: Katarina Onell (Kantar), Estera Anghelescu (Kaufland, 2022 winner), Mathias Axelsson (Kantar), Catherine Gouw, Employer Brand Leader of the Year 2023 (GLOBAL LEADER), Brett Minchington (Employer Branding College).

The Employer Brand Leaders of the Year for 2023 were announced at a ceremony in Amsterdam on 19 October at World Employer Branding Day 2023, a global industry gathering of more than 750 leaders from 50+ countries.

The Global Leader award was taken out by Catherine Gouw who is the Head of Employer Branding International at Lidl International.

“This year’s winner of the Kantar Global Employer Brand Leader of the Year Award has led a global Employer Branding Team, bringing about a transformative shift in their organization’s employer branding strategy. Our winner has successfully unified international branches under a cohesive employer branding design and has introduced a powerful analytics and KPI system. A system that comprehensively measures employer attractiveness, both from the outside and inside. A strong talent of our winner’s lies in making employer branding attributes quantifiable, guiding the employer brand positioning and influencing their company’s global HR strategy. The business impact is significant. She is truly an outstanding leader in this profession, a brilliant team player and also – in the exact words of her colleagues – a great person,” said Katarina Onell, from KANTAR in presenting the award.

KANTAR is the world’s leading data, insights and consultancy company and helps companies around the world to live their brand promises, achieve strategic goals and create attractive workplaces and are sponsors of the award for the sixth consecutive year.

The Emerging Leader award was won by Olha Boiko who is the VP, Employer & Corporate Brand at Innovecs. Brett Minchington, founder, World Employer Branding Day and Employer Branding College, the award sponsor said, “Olha is an emerging world class employer brand leader with the talent, dedication and commitment that is fast tracking her on the way to one of the industry's top employer brand leaders. Olha's leadership capabilities are years ahead of her experience and she has already achieved a lot in employer branding in her short career. We will see alot more from Olha in the years ahead," Minchington said.

"Olha is a Certified Employer Brand Leader where Employer Branding College research shows certified leaders on average score 85% in the Employer Brand Leadership Capability Index compared to 30% for non-certified leaders. The 2023 award nominees showed the highest quality and depth in expertise in the awards' sixth year, coinciding with the growing need for employer brand leadership capability in senior leaders to better adapt to global talent challenges," Minchington added.

L-R: Tanya Cortegaca (Thales, 2022 Winner) Brett Minchington (Employer Branding College) and Olha Boiko, Employer Brand Leader of the Year 2023 (EMERGING LEADER).


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