• Andrea Fielding

Employer Brand Leaders of the Year 2020 Q&A

Employer Branding College recently caught up with the 2020 Employer Brand Leaders of the Year who were awarded the industry's top accolade at World Employer Branding Day 2020, to ask some questions often asked by leaders wanting to build a career in employer branding.

The World Employer Branding Day awards recognize employer brand leadership excellence and the amazing work being implemented around the world by leaders to advance employer branding thought leadership and practice.

As a long term support of the awards, the team at Employer Branding College could not be more proud of Jennifer and Tanya as Global Industry Role Models, two outstanding leaders committed to the development of the employer branding global industry through many years of education, innovation and practice.

OK let's go!

The Kantar Employer Brand Leader of the Year 2020 (Global Leader)

Jennifer O’Brien (USA)

Global Talent Acquisition Leader of Candidate Attraction & Experience

Booz | Allen | Hamilton

What has been the most enjoyable part of your career in employer branding?

I love to get people excited about working for a new company! So much of our time each day is dedicated to work – people deserve to be happy and feel like they are contributing in a big or small way. My passion is to help people realize that change is attainable.

What skills do you believe are the most important to develop for employer brand leaders?

I believe a strong curiosity to learn and the confidence to constantly evolve is critical in an employer brand leader, as well as the ability to help others - whether that’s direct reports, peers or leadership – visualize the importance of a strong employer brand through data, examples and execution.

What has been one work practice that you believe has improved following the pandemic?

Empathy for others. Over the last year I’ve seen corporations, groups and individuals take the extra time to try and understand what this pandemic has meant to different people and how they can expand the ways they support each other, and that has been a silver lining that I hope continues in the long term.

What’s the number 1 tip you would advise a leader seeking a career in employer branding?

While it is important to forge a strategic vision for your firm, it must be followed with a strong plan to operationalize and deliver on your ideas. They are both equally important!

Complete this sentence. My employer brand focus for 2021 is…...

to provide dynamic opportunities to engage with our candidates through our brand, marketing, events and the overall candidate experience. With the removal of almost all in-person interactions, we as talent acquisition professionals must find new ways to optimize and personalize our engagement with our audiences.

The DECOPROTESTE Employer Brand Leader of the Year 2020 (Emerging Leader)

Tanya Cortegaca (UK)

Head of Global Employer Branding


What has been the most enjoyable part of your career in employer branding?

The accelerate-Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership course I did in 2019 with Brett Minchington as I learnt so much and met some great Employer Brand leaders from different industries and countries, and also working on an updated employer brand for my company in collaboration with our Global Talent Acquisition a